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Understanding Scripture in Light of a Jewish Timeline


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Well, we are almost at the beginning of another year. Many people make New Year’s resolutions. However, they are usually forgotten before March can ever arrive. Somehow, we have turned the word resolution into an oxymoron. After all, what is a resolution but a choice that one makes resolute. The word ‘resolute’ means “admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.” Yet, we have made this a tradition of wishes and not resolutions. Wishing or being resolute can make all the difference.

Our choices have consequences: either good or bad. But the consequences may affect others and not just ourselves. Let’s look at a few that others have made. Adam, for example, decided that he wanted things his way and bound the whole world to being born into sin. Yes, that was a choice with consequences – severe consequences. Even David, the man after God’s own heart, disobeyed by wanting to know how many was in his kingdom rather than just relying upon God’s protection and caused severe consequences that affected many within his realm. Then there is Joshua who made a choice to follow God and was able to defeat all of Israel’s foes. Or Gideon who decided to fight a war that most would consider impossible to win yet God won the war for him. Therefore, small decisions can have huge consequences or huge rewards. Many times it is not the actual action that makes the difference but the willingness to act that God honors.

Then there is one of the biggest decisions of all. God, before he even created Adam decided that he would redeem mankind (Ep 1:4). Even though He knew the decision Adam would make, he still allowed Adam to freely make his decision. However, God’s decision also had consequences. The second person of the trinity became man in the form of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for all the sins of mankind: past, present and future. This act of Christ becoming man forever changed his relationship with the first person of the trinity, whom we call God the Father. No longer would he be relating spirit to spirit. Christ forever remains a man (1Tm 2:5) so that he can forever relate to us humans. Although, not in our present state, of course, but in our transfigured, or resurrected, bodies (1Co 15:49). All of us who have accepted what Christ did for us on the cross will one day spend an eternity with our redeemer, our Messiah and King.

So, what decision will you make this year? Will it be a wish or a resolution? Can your decision be as resolute as God’s was for us? Will you accept His resolute decision and the action he accomplished on your behalf? If so, that will make 2019 a year like none other for you. Then what you wish for deep down will become a resolute decision that will take you on through life and through eternity to come.

Have a wonderful, happy and prosperous 2019! Both physically and spiritually.

Randy DockensComment